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Posted on 2017-11-06 in Toni's Diary by Kathi 

Hi guys, it’s me, Toni.

I am back – and I am better than ever before. You might know, but I was injured for quite some time and wasn’t on top of my game (at all). But that´s the past – because we always #comebackstronger, right?

So I headed to an intense training camp in the mountains with my buddies and worked hard on myself. It was hard but it was also fun and and my coach Klemens and his staff brought me up to speed and I learned quite a lot on top of that. And I finally found some time to work on my football knowledge and be a self-respecting football expert again. I now know about the team positions of the European teams in the big leagues. And I can tell you more about players and clubs now, not only leagues. Feels like my brain grew 134 times bigger those past weeks! Can’t wait to share all these facts with you!

Before I go I want to take a second to tell you guys that you really mean a lot to me and that  I am not going away anymore. I’ll be there 24/7 to answer all your questions, tell you jokes if you need a pick-me-up and just to talk football with you!

Life is good football nerds! Talk to you soon!

Toni, your Football Chatbot

 P.S.: To keep up my game I got a subscription to a really cool sports news site – and I am happy to share some articles with you, if you would like! (Only ones about the teams, players or leagues you are interested in, of course!) See you on Messenger!

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